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Image from Danbury
Image courtesy of Carlnlisa on Wikipedia. Used by permission under CC BY-SA 3.0. License Info Photo has been cropped.

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Living in Danbury, Connecticut means catching a city on a upswing, a time when the population is growing, businesses are moving in, and new development, both commercial and residential, is increasing. Danbury is located in northern Fairfield County, and is the seventh largest city in the state on Connecticut. Given its size--some 45 square miles, with just under 81,000 people--Danbury obviously has a wide variety of neighborhoods and housing options, but its relatively close proximity to New York City, solid civic amenities and comparably low rental prices have proven to be an appealing combination for an influx of newcomers in the past decade or so. Danbury is home to more than a dozen public parks, most notably Rogers Park, with its 56 acres of playing fields and ball courts; the 230-acre Stanley L. Richter Memorial Park, which features tennis courts, an 18-hole golf course, and an outdoor theater; Candlewood Park on Candlewood Lake, with swimming, picnicking, and a boat launch; and the huge, 722-acre Tarrywile Park and Mansion, offering residents some 21 miles of hiking trails and a community center with lots of family-related activities. Danbury is about 70 miles from New York City, and commuters to that city either drive or take the Metro North train from nearby Brewster. A fair number of Danbury residents also commute to Stanford, Norwalk, and Hartford. There are, of course, lots of locally-owned retail establishments throughout the city, but living in Danbury also means easy access to the Danbury Fair Mall, one of the largest in the state. At one time Danbury was known as Hat City, because in the late 1800s the city produced nearly 25% off all the hats made in America. Danbury industry today is, needless to say, quite a bit different and more diversified.

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  • Abbott Tech School
  • Broadview Middle School
  • Danbury High School
  • Hayestown Avenue School
  • Immaculate High School
  • Immanuel Lutheran School
  • King Street Intermediate School
  • King Street Primary School
  • King Street School
  • Locust Avenue School
  • Mill Ridge Intermediate School
  • Morris Avenue School
  • New Hope Christian School
  • New Street School
  • Park Avenue School
  • Pembroke School
  • Roberts Avenue School
  • Sacred Heart School
  • Saint Gregorys School
  • Saint Josephs School
  • Saint Peters School
  • South Street School
  • Western Connecticut State University Westside Ca
  • Wooster School

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