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Situated on the Bronx's eastern coastline is a rather small neighborhood with a mix of atmospheres. Although no club membership exists, the Country Club community certainly shares its suburban ambiance with similar ritzy places such as Riverdale. This neighborhood doesn't stick to a particular type of housing, though, and instead features a blend of unique, single-family homes as well as several duplexes, and a few multifamily NY apartment buildings. With the shore just a few blocks away, Country Club apartments offer a change of pace from the bustle of urban life. Residents of the neighborhood will agree that few Bronx attractions come close to the massive park that sits just to the north. Pelham Bay Park is a 2,700 acre oasis of nature and open land, and the largest in New York City. Here, Bronxites can enjoy the borough's only public beach, or explore the historical features of the area. With seemingly endless pathways for cycling and running, this greenspace remains a hotspot all year round. Although there's no direct route to the park via public transportation, the neighborhood's only bus line (Bx24) makes it a little bit easier if driving is not an option. Driving a car is somewhat of a necessity when living in Country Club apartments. But if you prefer to stick to public transit, there are a few options that will take you into Manhattan--though not too quickly. Luckily, the community has a bus line all to itself, as the local Bx24 makes several turns and loops through Country Club before terminating at the number 6 train. Pelham Bay Park Station is the end of the line for this term of the subway, but an access point nonetheless. And although the train will take you directly to Midtown and Lower Manhattan, you might find it more comfortable to step onto one of the region's express buses. The closest such route is the BxM8, which straddles Country Club's western border and provides about a 50 minute trip to Midtown Manhattan. Although there are a few shops and markets scattered about the community, most shopping will require a trip out of the neighborhood (and probably a ride across the borough). But the proximity to Pelham Bay Park and the shoreline makes this section of the Bronx more of a comfortable home than an urban dwelling. Likewise, any available Country Club apartments will put the potential mover close to the city without compromising space, greenery, or tranquility.

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