Image from Cortlandt
Image courtesy of Daniel Case. Used by permission under CC BY-SA 3.0. License Info Photo has been cropped.
Image from Cortlandt
Image courtesy of Daniel Case. Used by permission under CC BY-SA 3.0. License Info Photo has been cropped.

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Like many other places in New York State, many villages and hamlets are included in the list of everyone living in Cortlandt, NY. This town, located in the northwest section of Westchester County, NY, is within commuting distance to New York City. Options for commuters include driving (US Route 9), and access to both the Cortlandt Train Station, and the Croton-Hudson Train Station, stops along the Metro-North Railroad's service line. The different villages, neighborhoods, and hamlets within Cortlandt are quite diverse. For those looking to be close to the train stations, good living options are Croton-on-Hudson and Crugers, though anywhere within the town of Cortlandt will put you within driving distance of the train stations. This focus on public transportation fits in with the town's efforts to keep Cortlandt green. Sustainability is very important to those in charge of the town, and it has been named a Certified Climate Smart Community by New York State. The Cortlandt Green Team is a group of volunteers who are dedicated to keep the town on the best green path, and continuously learn more to help move it forward. The Green Team holds events regularly that allow everyone else living in Cortlandt to have a chance to contribute. For residents, the town offers free home energy assessments, allowing them to see how it is possible to make the homes within the town even more energy efficient. They encourage residents to recycle their leaves with their Love Em & Leave Em recycling program. The town regularly educates residents on better and more efficient practices. Businesses are also encouraged to go green by offering access to financing through Energize NY, which grants the opportunity to commercial properties for increased energy efficiency. Cortlandt also participates on a larger level with Sustainable Westchester. Bear Mountain Bridge Road is a nationally recognized historic place, and a destination for history lovers. The road starts (or ends) with a Toll House in Cortlandt. While is used to house the toll taker, it has since been renovated into a gift shop and information center for visitors. If you're interested in hiking along Anthony's Nose, a piece of the Hudson Highlands, you can park in the Toll House's parking lot. The Town of Cortlandt, NY is a historic part of Westchester County, and New York State. Living in Cortlandt is a convenient option for commuters and a smart move for those focused on a sustainable lifestyle.

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  • Buchanan-Verplanck Es
  • Carrie E. Tompkins School
  • Croton-Harmon Shs
  • Frank G. Lindsey School
  • Furnace Woods Es
  • Hendrick Hudson Hs
  • Lincoln Titus Es
  • Pierre Van Cortlandt School

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