Image from Clason Point
Image courtesy of Steveen Manon. Used by permission under CC BY-SA 2.0. License Info Photo has been cropped.
Image from Clason Point
Image courtesy of Steveen Manon. Used by permission under CC BY-SA 2.0. License Info Photo has been cropped.

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Clason Point, and the community of Harding Park, are situated on the southeastern shore of the Bronx, near the area where the Long Island Sound becomes the East River. Harding Park describes the residential neighborhood (and a specific public park), while Clason Point refers to the geographical peninsula. There is a swath of housing options, from single-family homes and rowhouses, to duplexes and other multifamily units. Most properties in Harding Park have a gated driveway, nodding to the rather inaccessibility of the community to the city's subway lines. But whether you drive a car or not, you're bound to find a NY apartment in this part of town that is both affordable and spacious. Because of its remote location, Harding Park apartments are probably not the best choice for those who value easy public transportation. Although several blocks of Harding Park differ drastically in character, much of the neighborhood's architecture follows the traditional brick-and-mortar style. Other sections, particularly near the southern end of town, boast modest, single-family homes of all different styles and colors. At first sight, it's easy to see how Clason Point has remained somewhat of a car-centric area. But for those who don't drive, there are still options for commuting into Manhattan. For example, the Bx27 bus runs directly through town, providing passengers with a convenient, walkable distance from the pickup points. This local bus will take you directly to two the nearest train stations, where the number 6 train passes the edge of Soundview. This neighborhood follows the mouth of the Bronx River, sharing the shoreline with Soundview Park, one of the area's main spots for recreation. Here, visitors can enjoy the sports fields, go fishing, or just take in the spectacular views at the waterfront. And where the neighborhood lacks in public transit, Harding Park makes up with its abundance of stores and shops along Soundview Avenue. This thoroughfare is the neighborhood's busiest, and easily the main strip for your basic needs. But for the unique errands, residents will probably have to leave the vicinity of their Harding Park apartment for a more accommodating shopping destination. Although its location doesn't make it the most accessible option, this community does provide low rents for those searching in the outer boroughs. So whether you're interested in a less-than-urban atmosphere, without diving into the family-friendly suburbs, then the Clason Point peninsula might be worth a gander.

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  • Is 174 E. T. Maleska Is
  • Ps 107
  • Ps 182
  • Ps 69


  • Harding Park
  • Harding Park Beautification Project
  • Pugsley Creek Park
  • Soundview Park
  • Taylor-Soundview Block Assoc. Garden
  • Waterfront Garden
  • Woodrow Wilson Triangle

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