Image from Briarwood
Image courtesy of Jim Henderson. Used by permission under Public Domain. License Info Photo has been cropped.
Image from Briarwood
Image courtesy of Jim Henderson. Used by permission under Public Domain. License Info Photo has been cropped.

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If you enjoy flexibility in your commute, the Queens community of Briarwood is a top pick. Situated between Kew Gardens and Jamaica, this neighborhood is where the Grand Central Parkway meets the Van Wyck Expressway. But even if you don't drive, this beautiful section of Queens is accessible from both the city's subway and the Long Island Rail Road. Nestled within the strips of charming suburban homes are somewhat affordable NY apartments. Most streets are lined with single-family homes, but are often found with sets of low-rise to mid-rise multi-family buildings. Briarwood apartments are both commute-friendly, and offer Queens rentals in a cute, tree-lined neighborhood. Briarwood is centered around the Robert Van Wyck Middle School, with blocks of beautifully crafted homes lining its streets. Such a calm and quiet ambience makes this a great neighborhood in Central Queens. The subway serves the Briarwood community at four separate stations: Sutphin Blvd & Parsons Blvd Stations with the F Train, and Sutphin Blvd-Archer Av & Jamaica Center with the J & Z Trains. Because these stations are near the end of both subway lines, residents of Briarwood apartments are accustomed to taking the Long Island Rail Road from either the Jamaica Transit Hub at the southern end of town, or from the Kew Gardens Station just to the west. An LIRR train from Jamaica to Penn Station is a quick 20 minutes during the morning rush hour. Central Queens is notorious for its huge parks, but none are more famous than Flushing Meadows-Corona Park--the city's second largest and host of New York's two World's Fairs. Briarwood is fortunate to be located centrally among Forest Park, Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, and the Kissena Corridor Parks, all of which are world class greenspaces for recreation and relaxation. At Briarwood's western border, Queens Boulevard has quite a few storefronts, with take-out and sit-down restaurants alike. However, most of the neighborhood's shopping is limited to this strip, along with Jamaica Avenue to the south. But many find charm in Briarwood's lack of retail space, citing the fact that it keeps thru-traffic off of the quiet, suburban side streets.

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