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Bergen Beach is a rather small neighborhood in Southern Brooklyn. Situated to the north and east of Mill Basin, much of the community is either surrounded by the tidal lands of Jamaica Bay or the East Mill Basin channel. If you're looking for affordable NY apartments, in a nice neighborhood, without compromising on size, you might be lucky finding a place in Bergen Beach. The housing stock is almost entirely made up of single-family homes and duplexes--many with small front yards on tree-lined blocks. Although the isolation may cause some to turn away instantly, others will find this neighborhood to be a charming place to live, relax, or raise a family. Most residents looking for Bergen Beach apartments are in the market for large spaces, mostly with bedrooms to accommodate tenants with children. And with these types of residents, you won't expect the Manhattan-style nightlife. Rather, there are a couple eateries dotting the area, but few venues in the line of bars and clubs. Not unlike the peninsular enclaves of Mill Basin and Gerritsen Beach, the isolated nature of Bergen Beach makes it more inaccessible than some might wish. But residents in these far-off Bergen Beach apartments are lucky enough to have two local buses running through town. For example, the local B3 bus will take passengers along Avenue U, all the way to the western edge of Gravesend. And along the way, passengers are able to transfer to the B, Q, F, and N lines with ease. But for those without a car who prefer to make their commute a one-shot trip, the BM1 express bus stops to pick up passengers in the area, and will take them into Midtown Manhattan in around 45 minutes. Long-time residents rave about one particular local spot that has been unchanged for decades, and still provides Brooklynite-approved food. Located on Avenue U and East 72nd Street is Wilkens II deli, where the folks in the kitchen will whip up amazing food for the Bergen Beach locals. To the east lies dozens of acres of salt marsh, on which sits Joseph T. McGuire Park, which provides residents with tennis courts and baseball fields for recreation. During the summer, the park gets crowded with the local teams and fans batting up for the local competitions. Although Bergen Beach's location seems to be in the boondocks, the atmosphere of the neighborhood will please many looking for less-urban living.

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  • Is 78 R. H. Mann Is
  • Ps 312 Bergen Beach School


  • Barone Triangle
  • Bergen Beach Playground
  • Canarsie Park
  • Hickman Playground
  • Mcguire Fields
  • Paerdegat Basin Park

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