Image from Bay Ridge & Fort Hamilton
Image courtesy of Sam on Flickr. Used by permission under CC BY 2.0. License Info Photo has been cropped.
Image from Bay Ridge & Fort Hamilton
Image courtesy of Sam on Flickr. Used by permission under CC BY 2.0. License Info Photo has been cropped.

Living In: Bay Ridge & Fort Hamilton

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Bay Ridge might seem a little far from Manhattan--it's about 45 minutes to Union Square once you're on the train and moving--but for residents of these safe NY apartments, the payoffs more than make up for a long commute. Located where southwest Brooklyn protrudes out into the Narrows, Bay Ridge apartments are bounded to the north by 65th Street (and Sunset Park), to the east and south by the Gowanus Expressway, or 278 (and Dyker Heights) and to the west by the Belt Parkway-Shore Road. This geographic semi-self-containment undoubtedly promotes and strengthens the community feeling. Bay Ridge was at one point known as Yellow Hook, for the yellowish tint of its soil (or so said the original Dutch settlers), but that was dropped when an outbreak of deadly yellow fever tore through the area, and people thought something less grim was in order. The name Bay Ridge also has a fairly literal meaning: there are great views of the New York Bay from the spot where where Ridge Boulevard runs today. The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, an engineering marvel at the time of its construction in the early 1960s, connects Bay Ridge (and, so, the rest of Brooklyn) to Staten Island. There is also an active military base here, Fort Hamilton, located near the bridge. Residents of Bay Ridge apartments enjoy a low crime rate, good public schools, lots of local nightlife and restaurant options, and rents that are considerably lower--even half as much--as comparable space will cost you in most of Brooklyn, and definitely in Manhattan. Another huge attraction to living here in Bay Ridge is the ready access to large stretches of public waterside space, including harborside running and biking paths, as well as the 69th Street Pier, just off Shore Road, where fisherman come from all over the borough to cast their lines, and residents congregate and relax and walk along the seawall promenade. Owl's Head Park--also known as Bliss Park--is extremely popular, too, and features a dog run, playgrounds, and the first concrete skatepark built in Brooklyn.

Fort Hamilton

Fort Hamilton is a neighborhood at Brooklyn's southwest corner, and is named for the army fort located nearby. The area covers the area around Bay Ridge from 86th Street to 101st street, and is bounded by the waterfront near the Narrows at the west and by 7th Avenue at the east. Amongst several low- to mid-rise apartment buildings are a few singe-family homes from the early 1900s. Also in the mix are several attached and semi-detached two to three story rowhouses and townhouses that are commonplace throughout the borough. With the wide variety of housing stock, one is sure to find some fitting NY apartments here in Fort Hamilton. Fort Hamilton's major commercial strip is on Third Avenue, housing several various local shops and restaurants. One particularly well-liked meat shop is Fort Hamilton's own A & S Italian Pork Store, which is quite a hit with the locals. Residents of Fort Hamilton apartments have access to Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn via the R train. Hop on the R, and a transfer at Atlantic Terminal will take you to almost every other NYC subway line. The stations that service the area are 86th Street Station and the Bay Ridge - 95th Street Station. Fort Hamilton is situated just north of the Verrazano-Narrow Bridge, which is essentially the neighborhood's southern boundary.

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  • Dan Ross Playground
  • Fort Hamilton Athletic Field
  • Fort Hamilton Triangle
  • John Allen Payne Park
  • John J Carty Park
  • John Paul Jones Park
  • Owl's Head Park
  • Russell Pedersen Playground
  • Shore Park And Parkway
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